The Texas Computer Science wordmark is the primary means by which we are recognized and should appear on all department communications. The wordmark may only be reproduced in the proportions, formats, and colors specified in the TXCS Brand Standards Manual. No distortions or modifications of the wordmark or wordmark type are permitted.

These guidelines cover the use of names and wordmarks associated with the department. No distortions or additional images or text are permitted, with the exception of a program or event name that may be placed below or to the side of a wordmark within a specified distance.

When reproduced in color, the wordmark should appear in The University of Texas at Austin’s signature color, burnt orange (PMS 159) and gray (PMS 432), all black, or all white for reverses on dark backgrounds. The TXCS wordmark must be reproduced in the colors indicated in the Colors section of this guide. NO OTHER COLORS ARE PERMITTED .

The official wordmarks were updated December 17, 2015.

Primary Wordmark (horizontal, preferred)

Primary Wordmark (horizontal, preferred)

Formal Wordmark

Endorsed Wordmark Stacked

Note: For use on apparel and promotion materials in conjunction with independent use of the university workdmark.

Black/White/Gray Usage

Black, white, and gray are the only alternate colors when the burnt orange (PMS 159) and gray (PMS 432) cannot be used.

Both the primary and endorsed wordmark configurations can be reversed out when the background is burnt orange (PMS 159), black, or gray.

Both the primary and endorsed wordmark configurations can be displayed in grayscale using 80% black.

Primary Wordmark (horizontal, preferred)

Black/White/Gray Primary Wordmark

Primary White Wordmark (“reversed out”)

Primary White Wordmark ("reversed out")

Clear Space and Minimum Size requirements

To ensure adequate legibility, do not reproduce the wordmark smaller than the sample below.

To maintain our brand’s integrity, clarity and consistency, the size and space left around the logo must always be maintained across all forms of communication.

Use the shield in the lockup that you are working with to determine the space left around the logo, also called the ‘clear space’ or ‘exclusion zone.’ At the top and bottom of the logo, there should be no words or images placed in the area equal to or greater than the height of the shield. To the left and right sides of the logo, there should be no words or images placed in the area equal to or greater than the width of the shield.

Minimum Clear Space - Primary Wordmark

Using the shield as one unit, the wordmark must appear at least one unit away from all other branding, copy, or graphics in the layout.

In order to maintain the integrity and establish the strength of the TXCS wordmark, a clear space must be kept all around the wordmark.

Do not crowd the wordmark with other text or graphics. No other elements such as type or graphics should appear in the area indicated by the dotted lines below.

UT Computer Science word mark minimum size requirements

Height of the shield must be 3/8" minimum for print 35 px web.

Incorrect/Unacceptable Usage

The examples below show incorrect and unacceptable usage.

 incorrect and unacceptable usage of the UT Computer Science word mark

Do not alter the logo in any way.

  • Do not use the wordmark within a headline, sentence or other text,
  • Do not pair the TXCS wordmark with other program or organization names within the clearing space, and
  • Do not associate the mark with any entity other than the department.

The preceding examples are not all inclusive. Please contact the TXCS Office of External Affairs if you have questions about the proper use of the wordmark.