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Paper Stock (For External Communications Only)

Paper selection is an integral part of the Texas Computer Science brand identity. To better unify printed communications for the department, the approved paper stock is limited to two options. One is a dull coated paper; the other is an uncoated stock. They have been selected specifically to provide a certain brightness of white. The dull coated stock is Lustro Dull Coated. The uncoated stock is Mohawk Via Smooth Pure White. Other paper brands may be used as necessary, but it must be white and match the color of white of the above-mentioned stock. Any deviation from these paper stocks must have prior approval from the UTCS Office External Affairs.

Photo Usage

Photography is also an integral part of the TXCS brand identity. Photographs should be reproduced with straight edges and minimum effects. Four color process, black and white, and duotone are all acceptable reproduction effects. Blurred edges, round corners, unusual Photoshop special effects, borders, etc., are generally discouraged.