UT Computer Science is committed to increasing the number of women and students from historically underrepresented populations in the field of computing. As we work to build a diverse workforce of highly trained computer scientists and engineers, we invite you to partner with us to advance this mission.

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Pillars of Engagement

Summer Academies

Summer Academies designed to dispel preconceptions about computer science and to encourage young students from underrepresented populations to pursue computer science.

ABCS and HACS students together in front of GDC

Student Orgs

Student Orgs that provide mentorship, networking, and opportunities to female, Latinx, and Black students pursuing an education in computer science.

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Hackathon initiative that invites female technologists to interact in a supportive environment and provide an opportunity for students to learn and advance their technical skills.


Conferences that bring together the community of women and minority technologists, resulting in collaborative proposals, networking, mentoring, and increased visibility.


Scholarships used to recruit and retain the brightest undergraduate Computer Science students.

  • I can say confidently that the Academy for Women contributed to my decision to major in Computer Science and attend UT, and I am thankful to have participated in/worked with such a wonderful program.

    Jacqueline Gibson, UTCS Summer Academy for Women attendee and 2019 UTCS graduate

Incoming CS Freshmen

18.6 percent

Former Summer Academy Attendees

Meet Our Partners

  • HACS has shown me that there isn’t one way to learn to code, there isn’t one path towards graduation, there isn’t only one tech company, but there are a lot of people who are willing to share their experiences and help you overcome any challenge.

    Fidel Tinajero Soriano, 2019 HACS member

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