• If it is before the 12th class day, you can drop courses on your own in the Registration system. You will receive a tuition refund, if necessary, and classes do not appear on the permanent record. Not attending does not automatically drop you from classes or withdraw you from UT; you need to do that yourself. 
  • If it is after the 12th class day, but before the Q-drop deadline (which you can find on the Registrar's calendar), in order to drop a course for academic reasons, you will need to pick up a Q-drop form from either the CS Advising Center (GDC 2.702) or the CNS Dean's Office (WCH 1.106). You will need to (1) sign the form, (2) get an advisor's signature, and finally, (3) turn it into the CNS Dean's Office (WCH 1.106) before 5:00pm on the Q-drop deadline.

Each undergraduate is allowed 6 academic Q-drops in their undergraduate career. This will show up on your record as a Q, rather than a grade and you will not receive credit for this class.

If you are dropping a class because of non-academic reasons, you should make an appointment to visit the CNS non-academic counselors by visiting WCH 1.106 or calling 471-4536. Non-academic Q-drops that are approved by non-academic counselors do not count against your Q-drop limit.

Be sure to check with financial aid and scholarships to ensure that you will not have an issue if your drop puts you below full-time hours for the semester.