We are redefining healthcare with digital innovation, and believe that technologists will lead the way. Our IT Hub, in the heart of Austin, has a dynamic atmosphere, and a friendly and collaborative environment. We offer people like you opportunities to share and learn with others around the world. The work is meaningful and rewarding and has a direct link to saving and improving lives. We are looking for both graduate and undergraduate students with an array of knowledge and expertise. Merck is committed to diversity and inclusion and has a vibrant community for early-to-mid careers individuals, Merck Network for Millennials, whose mission is to drive business results by utilizing cultural and generational insights, and to serve as a resource for employees of all ages. Who we are looking for? Students with university degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD candidates) experienced in: - Information Technology - Information Security - Computer Science - Engineering - Mathematics, Statistics - Chemical Engineering - Biological/Pharma Engineering - Life Science

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