Welcome Future Texas Computer Science students!

Congratulations on your admission to the UT Computer Science PhD program! We hope you'll join us at GradFest, February 23-25, 2023 to learn more about our program and community.  

GradFest is for you! We have planned opportunities for you to meet our faculty members and students, learn about our research and program, and explore our university and city. We hope you will enjoy spending time within our community of scholars and that you’ll be eager to come to Austin to pursue your studies. Please ask questions! We want for you to leave with the information you need to make your graduate school decision.

Checklist for GradFest participants:

  • Review the schedule of events.
  • Register for Gradfest. You can edit your registration form as often as you’d like before the registration deadline.
  • Learn more about our faculty members and our graduate program. You’ll be able to meet individually with our faculty members during GradFest. Please tell us your preferences for these meetings when you register.
  • Need Help? Please contact gradoffice@cs.utexas.edu.