CS 395T

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This is a course designed to expose students to the latest in virtualization technologies such as virtual machines, containers, serverless, etc. The course also has a significant project component to be completed over the course of the semester. Topics include CPU virtualization, memory virtualization, networking virtualization, storage virtualization, paravirtualization, containers, unikernels, and serverless.

  • What You Will Learn

    • Basics of Virtual Machines
    • Basics of Containers
    • How CPU is Virtualized
    • How Storage is Virtualized
    • How Network is Virtualized
    • Nested Virtualization
    • Hardware Features Assisting Virtualization
    • Deploying Virtual Machines
    • Orchestrating Containers


    • Basics of Virtual Machines (0.5 week)
    • Virtualizing CPUs and DRAM (1 week)
    • Virtualizing network and storage (1 week)
    • Paravirtualization and Nested Virtualization (1 week)
    • Security in Virtualization (0.5 week)
    • Container basics (1 week)
    • Container orchestration frameworks (0.5 week)
    • Unikernels (1 week)
    • Serverless Computing (1 week)
    • Advanced Topics (2 weeks)
  • Estimated Effort

    • 15 hours/week

    Course Category

    • Electives Course

    Course Availability

    • Fall 2021


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