Learning Environment

Lectures, UT Online CS Master's


Course modules are released each week to allow students the flexibility to review material throughout the week and at their pace. Course modules feature video playback or interactive transcript. Pace yourself through online lectures before meeting with the professor and your classmates to dive deeper into the material.

Course content includes dynamic videos, interactive case studies, self-paced lectures, and collaborative activities that foster teamwork.

Flexibility, UT Online CS Master's


Learn on your schedule and on the device of your choice. You can access your courses online or on the mobile app from anywhere. Complete your lectures during commutes or other short periods of spare time.

Virtual Campus, UT Online CS Master's


The MCSO program helps students spark tangible connections to peers, faculty, and the subject matter. Gain access to a variety of tools designed to help you stay connected, such as:

  • discussion forums
  • chat tools
  • video conferencing platforms
  • social media workspaces
  • online study sessions self-organized by students

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  • Sherry Xiaoyi Zhu, UT Online CS Master's

  • "UT’s online master’s program provides a flexible schedule and enables working professionals like me to gain rigorous training on those advanced topics in computer science on my own time. The program takes advantage of online’s inherent ability for self-paced learning, and thus it’s easier for me to arrange my schedule around work and personal life. I am also able to reach out to instructors for any course-related concerns through Piazza and ask questions during the office hours. I have found it a very effective learning mode."

    Sherry Xiaoyi Zhu

  • Ryan Doucet, UT Online CS Master's

  • "As a software engineer, I love how much programming I get to do. The problems and projects given in class are challenging and extremely rewarding to solve. It has been incredible to communicate with instructors, and even other students while being in different parts of the world. Their expertise and genuine interest in their fields creates almost a compounding desire to learn more and more, even outside the classroom."

    Ryan Doucet

  • Ross Spencer, UT Online CS Master's

  • "The instruction here is nothing less than what I’d expect from such a highly ranked computer science department. I honestly think the EdX platform makes it easier to follow along than an in-person lecture since you can set the speed of the pre-recorded lectures and go back if you need clarification. The grading systems are very clear and transparent, and make it easy to see what you did correctly and where you can improve. Overall, the lectures are well-planned and the coursework is the perfect amount of academic rigor while still facilitating learning."

    Ross Spencer

  • Richie Wales, UT Online CS Master's

  • The classes I’ve taken so far have been very inclusive and respectful of everyone’s different experience level. Professors and TAs are always responsive online when a student asks a question on the material or homework. There’s a level of personal engagement between the students and professors that I didn’t think I would find in an online graduate school setting."

    Richie Wales

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