The Graduate Representative Association of Computer Sciences (GRACS) at TXCS announces a Graduate Application Assistance Program (GAAP) that aims at providing PhD applicants with trustworthy feedback on their application material. 

GAAP is a student-led program in which current CS PhD students volunteer to review applications and provide feedback on how to improve the submission material beyond format and grammar. This initiative is a step toward increasing the diversity and inclusion of underrepresented minorities in the field of Computer Sciences.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

The GAAP initiative was launched to enhance the competitiveness of PhD applications from underrepresented groups, including women, racial and ethnic minorities, first-generation students, LGBTQ students, students with disabilities, and students from low-income families.

Call for Applications and Important Dates

If you are a prospective PhD student and would like to participate in GAAP, please submit initial drafts of your statement of purpose, CV, and other application material as you are preparing your application. 

Reviews will be available on a rolling basis; the earlier you submit, the more time you will have to incorporate our feedback. As GAAP is a volunteer-based program, we will be able to support only a fixed number of review requests. Beyond this limit, all requests will be wait-listed. The submission portal will close on Friday, November 27

Please submit your draft applications here.


The GAAP program does not guarantee admission to the TXCS PhD program. Decisions regarding who is admitted will be made by the department's Graduate Admissions Committee through a completely separate process. 


All current PhD students in TXCS are eligible to become GAAP mentors. TXCS GAAP training will be provided to all volunteers so that they know what the department is looking for and are equipped with tools to provide in-depth and helpful feedback.

If you are a current PhD student in TXCS and want to become a GAAP mentor, please apply here.  

Contact Information

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to


Soujanya Ponnapalli
Chair of GAAP @TXCS

Swarat Chaudhuri
Faculty Advisor of GAAP @TXCS