Welcome to The University of Texas at Austin Department of Computer Science (UTCS) Friends of Computer Science (FoCS) program – a synergistic convergence of computer science academia, industry and student talent for mutual benefit.

Program Features Available Only to FoCS Industry Affiliates:

  • Customized events such as office hours, tech talks, info tables and coffee shop drops
  • Multi-disciplinary events
  • Logistics and publicity support for on-and-off campus events

Program Features Available to All FoCS Partners:


  • Support of a top-ten ranked computer science teaching, research and innovation powerhouse that supports a vibrant economy
  • Annual personalized strategy plan for communications, branding and relationship development
  • Collaboration with College of Natural Sciences Career Services Center for standard recruiting services
  • Facilitated access to faculty, research groups and students
  • Access to technical reports
  • Facilitated internships and externships
  • Title scholarship opportunities


  • Targeted talent acquisition
  • Facilitated access to student organizations and outreach programs
  • Personal introductions at numerous events
  • Campus visits and meetings with faculty and students
  • Networking with other industry affiliates


  • Web and print distribution of company profiles geared to the UTCS environment
  • Recognition in UTCS publications
  • FoCS web page with company overviews and downloadable company profiles
  • Presentation opportunities
  • Faculty Forum Lunches


  • Wide range of scheduled events
  • Invitations to FoCS-only events (Fall Career Brunch, Spring Career Night)
  • Meetings with faculty and lunch with the Chair
  • Event sponsorship opportunities


  • FoCS wall in high-traffic student area stocked with company profiles 
  • Complimentary subscriptions to UTCS publications
  • Opt-in option to receive UTCS announcements and news
  • Opt-in option to receive campus newsletter “@Texas,” “Research Alert” and other campus wide-resources
  • Advance notice of Career Fair deadlines


  • Recognition at events and in publications
  • UTCS branded gifts


  • Free, close-in parking
  • Gateway facilitation to other disciplines and interests on campus
  • One-stop shop for CS recruiting and research collaborations

Financial Benefits

  • Tax deduction
  • Efficient use of company resources on campus