Robustness in the Salus scalable block store

Yang Wang, Manos Kapritsos, Zuocheng (Andy) Ren, Prince Mahajan, Jeevitha Kirubanandam, Lorenzo Alvisi, and Mike Dahlin

Proceedings of the USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI) 2013.

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Distributed Systems

This paper describes Salus, a block store that seeks to maximize simultaneously both scalability and robustness. Salus provides strong end-to-end correctness guarantees for read operations, strict ordering guarantees for write operations, and strong durability and availability guarantees despite a wide range of server failures (including memory corruptions, disk corruptions, firmware bugs, etc.). Such increased protection does not come at the cost of scalability or performance: indeed, Salus often actually outperforms HBase (the codebase from which Salus descends). For example, Salus' active replication allows it to halve network bandwidth while increasing aggregate write throughput by a factor of 1.74 compared to HBase in a well-provisioned system.