Yogesh Barve, Phd. Student at Vanderbilt University

I am Yogesh Barve, Phd. Student at Vanderbilt University. I  have designed a distributed system orchestration framework (targeting distributed simulations for cloud/edge devices, PADS) using MDE approach (WebGME,Generative,Feature Modelling). Now, I am interested in meeting/speaking with fellow attendees who are working in the domain of distributed systems, IoT, embedded systems. I am interested to know how they are leveraging MDE technologies and what research challenges they are addressing using the MDE techniques. Given an opportunity I would be happy to talk and discuss these issues and get more insights into this area.

I am hoping you could connect me with the domain experts/practitioners who are attending here at MODELS.  My email address is: yogesh.d.barve@vanderbilt.edu