For all days (Sunday-Tuesday), here is the coffee break and lunch schedule:

Time Event Room
10:30am-11am coffee break Capitol Ballroom Foyer
12:30-2pm lunch Capitol Ballroom E
3:30pm-4pm coffee break Capitol Ballroom Foyer
5:30pm events end  

Sunday, September 17th

Time EID Event Room
9am-12:30pm T1 Actor-Based Methods, Concepts and Tools for Analyzing Emergent Behaviour - An Introduction to a Model Based Approach Creekside II
  T7 Software languages: Syntax, semantics, and metaprogramming Cancelled  
9am-5:30pm ModComp DELAYED UNTIL 2:00 PM 
4th International Workshop on Interplay of Model-Driven and Component-Based Software Engineering
Terrace South
  MDEbug 1st International Workshop on Debugging in Model-Driven Engineering Tannehill
2pm-5:30pm T4 PADS - A Model Driven Engineering Framework for Learning Distributed Systems Algorithms Creekside II
  T5 Building high-quality ATL transformations with AnATLyzer Creekside I

Monday, September 18th

Time EID Event Room
9am-12:30pm T9 Model Synchronization with the Active Operations Framework Creekside II
9am-5:30pm EXE 3rd International Workshop on Executable Modeling Capitol Ballroom C
  ME 11th International Workshop on Models and Evolution Capitol Ballroom H
  COMMitMDE 2nd International Workshop Collaborative Modelling in MDE
  MRT 12th International Workshop on Models@run.time Capitol Ballroom F
  FlexMDE 3rd Flexible MDE Workshop Capitol Ballroom A
2pm-5:30pm T2 Language Engineering with The GEMOC Studio Creekside II
  T6 Embedded and reactive systems development with UML-RT and Papyrus-RT Creekside I
6:30pm - 8pm SatRec + ARC Satellite Reception and ACM SRC Poster Presentations Creekside

*ME and CoMMiteMDE, have been combined.

Tuesday, September 19th

Time EID Event Room
9am-12:30pm T8 Ontological models of software technologies Cancelled  
  GEMOC 5th Workshop on the Globalization of Modeling Languages Capitol Ballroom H
9am-5:30pm MULTI 4th International Workshop on Multi-Level Modelling Capitol Ballroom A
  MoDeVVa 14th Model Driven Engineering, Verification and Validation. Integrating Verification and Validation in MDE Capitol Ballroom B
  MDETools Model-Driven Engineering Tools Capitol Ballroom C
  EduSym Educator Symposium Capitol Ballroom F
  DocSym Doctoral Symposium Capitol Ballroom G
2pm-5:30pm T3 Developing Domain-specific Modeling Tools with Papyrus Capitol Ballroom H
  HuFaMo 3rd International Workshop on Human Factors in Modeling Cancelled  
5pm - 7:30pm SRC ACM Student Research Paper Presentations Capitol AB
6:30pm-8pm SRC ACM Student Research Competition Capitol AB