Burger Tapped for CAREER Award

Congratulations to Professor Doug Burger who received an NSF CAREER Award.

"The research funded by this CAREER grant is addressing three of the microprocessor design challenges posed by deep submicron technologies: slowing performance growth, decreasing reliability, and increasing power dissipation. This research is attacking these challenges by proposing new technology-sensitive designs across three design categories: individual microarchitectural cores, large on-chip memory systems, and chip multiprocessors. The microarchitecture research is organized into two parts: a technology-based scalability analysis of current microarchitectures, to determine and quantify future microarchitectural bottlenecks, and an evaluation of the grid instruction processor--a new microarchitecture, containing two-dimensional arrays of functional units, which eliminates many of the microarchitecture bottlenecks that will arise from advancing technologies."

Visit Doug Burger's homepage for more information.


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