05/23/2011 - From: The Chronicle of Higher Education | Median Earnings by Major and Subject Area A recent study of the economic value of several undergraduate degrees by major was recently published by Georgetown University. Engineering graduates ranged fro $55K to $120K, the best of the majors evaluated. Computer and mathematics grads were also rated highly, $50K to $98K Read more
05/19/2011 - More than 56 percent of computer science majors who have applied for a job have received an offer making it the major with the highest offer rate from the Class of 2011, according to results of a new survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).   Read more
12/14/2010 - From YYN Your News Now | Texas, nation in need of computer scientists Read more
09/22/2008 - The University of Texas at Austin Department of Computer Sciences (UTCS) Friends of Computer Sciences (FoCS) 2008 Career Brunch was held in conjunction with the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) Career Expo on September 22, 2008 at the Frank Erwin Center. Read more
02/02/2006 - "FOCS and the Natural Sciences Career Fair offers HBK the unique opportunity to spend quality time with each student, which in return ensures a perfect match for both parties." -Larry Lindsey, HBK Recruiting Read more
02/05/2004 - Computer Sciences reported among the top five! According to an article published by CNN on February 5, 2004, Computer Sciences is the 5th top lucrative degree with an average $48,656 per year starting salary. The starting salary for recent graduates with a Computer Science degree has jumped up 8.9% in the past year, the best increase of the 19 most lucrative degrees listed. To read this article, go to CNN.com Read more
01/13/2004 - Meet with a computer sciences career counselor Natural Sciences Career Services now offers opportunities to meet with a career counselor in Taylor hall. Read more


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