05/09/2011 - AUSTIN, Texas—After 20 years as director of the Dean’s Scholars Honors program in the College of Natural Sciences, computer scientist Alan Cline is stepping down. At the end of the semester he’ll be handing over the reins of the program to biologist David Hillis, the Alfred W. Roark Centennial Professor in Natural Sciences. Read more
05/05/2011 - AUSTIN, Texas—Computer networks that can’t forget fast enough can show symptoms of a kind of virtual schizophrenia, giving researchers further clues to the inner workings of schizophrenic brains, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin and Yale University have found. The researchers used a virtual computer model, or “neural network,” to simulate the excessive release of dopamine in the brain. They found that the network recalled memories in a distinctly schizophrenic-like fashion. Read more
04/01/2011 - AUSTIN, Texas – Biologist Misha Matz and computer scientist Michael Walfish are among six assistant professors at The University of Texas at Austin who received Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) awards totaling nearly $3 million from the National Science Foundation. The CAREER awards recognize promising young faculty and supports their research with five years of funding. Read more
02/24/2011 - AUSTIN, Texas — A new computing classroom and learning laboratory in The University of Texas at Austin’s Flawn Academic Center is changing the way that statistics and scientific computing are taught at the university. Read more
11/19/2010 - AUSTIN, Texas–Stop using racial profiling, says Professor William Press. He claims that as well as being politically and ethically questionable, racial profiling does no better in helping law enforcement officials in their task of catching terrorists than standard uniform random sampling techniques. This is the topic of a paper publishing in Significance, the magazine of the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association. Read more


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