02/17/2015 - Cellular devices are an agent for convenience for every day life. Mobile applications on these devices play a large part in this virtual accessibility. From having apps that allow you to make a payment transaction, to playing a quick game of Sudoku on a commute to work, to having all of your social media and news outlets in one setting. There’s an app developed for something in almost every industry and no signs of this development slowing down. Read more
02/18/2014 - By Lindsey Kehlmann Friday, February 7 the Mobile App Development club (MAD) hosted a free, overnight bootcamp called uMAD intended to teach students the basics when it comes to developing apps for iPhones and Androids. “In one night we wanted to bring together all the engineers that built the tools we like using, and they would teach us students what they did to develop those tools or help us with our own projects.” Sai Avala, Android director for MAD said. However, students voluntarily taking classes on a Friday night seemed dubious to some. Read more
02/12/2014 - by Staff - Feb 12, 2014 | Techzette Read more
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