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Faculty at the The University of Texas at Austin Department of Computer Science (UTCS) are at the forefront of the digital revolution. Recently, they have been awarded four ACM Fellows, three IEEE Fellows, a Vice Chair position on the President's Council and a Best Paper Award.

ACM Fellows - 2010
The Association for Computing Machinery awarded four members of the UTCS faculty with Fellows status in 2010: Lorenzo Alvisi, for contributions to fault-tolerant distributed computing, bridging theory and practice; Doug Burger, for contributions to distributed microprocessor architectures and memory systems; Mike Dahlin, for contributions to the science and engineering of large-scale distributed computer systems; Ray Mooney, for contributions to machine learning and natural language processing.

IEEE Fellows - 2011
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers awarded three UTCS faculty with Fellows status in 2011: Mike Dahlin, for contributions to scalable networked systems; Steve Keckler, for contributions to computer architectures and memory systems; Kathryn McKinley, for contributions to compiler technologies.

In addition to the above fellows, Professor William Press was named Vice Chair of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) and Professor Chandrajit Bajaj and his student Andrew Gillette earned the Best Paper Award at the ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling, 2010 for their paper "A Generalization for Stable Mixed Finite Elements."

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