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06/05/2012 - [By Aaron Dubrow, Texas Advanced Computing Center] For millennia, mankind has discovered new drugs either through educated guesswork or blind luck. But with the proliferation of advanced computing, a new paradigm has emerged whereby one can find drug targets through simulation and modeling. Read More
06/05/2012 - Researchers at the Computational Visualization Center are finding drug targets through simulation and modeling. Read More
05/30/2012 - FierceBiotechIT | By Ryan McBride For years, drug researchers have tapped computers to take serendipity out of the discovery equation, and a group from the University of Texas at Austin has advanced computational drug discovery further with updated image-reconstruction and modeling techniques, according to the university. Read More
05/23/2012 - Professor Peter Stone has been elected as a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) for his significant contributions to machine learning, multiagent systems, and robotics, and pioneering applications in robot soccer, trading agents, and autonomous driving domains. Read More
05/21/2012 - UTCS honored new Ph.D. graduates at its annual hooding ceremony. Each new graduate received a short testimonial from his or her graduate research advisor. The new doctors were then hooded by UTCS Professor Peter Stone. Afterwards, a reception was held for graduates, faculty, friends and family. Read More
05/17/2012 - Ordinary Americans can't buy intelligent, self-driving cars just yet, but the technology could someday revolutionize one of the nation's most common road rituals—the morning and evening commutes that bookend the workday for millions of people. Read More
05/16/2012 - This year’s graduates in computer science, engineering and accounting are in high demand in the strongest job market for graduates since 2008, says the National Association of Colleges and Employers. NACE shows a 10.2 percent increase in hiring over 2011. - Michael Okoniewsk/Bloomberg News Read More
05/16/2012 - From image processing, to 3D modeling, to search algorithms, computer and computational science help improve the drug discovery pipeline Read More
05/16/2012 - UTCS Alum Daniel Morris is scheduled to speak at the Cloud Expo New York about "High Performance Database Hosting in the Cloud." He will explain why databases in the cloud are a reality and how attendees can benefit by implementing them. Read More
05/15/2012 - UTCS alum Robert Felps has been appointed as the corporate vice president responsible for Clearview International LLC’s Central Texas sales and operations. Read More
05/09/2012 - UTCS alum Eileen Boerger has been elected to the Software & Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) Software Division Board of Directors to serve a two-year term. SIIA is the principal trade association and a leading voice for the software, digital content, ed-tech and financial information industries. Read More
Good Bytes and Good Luck!
05/07/2012 - The Department of Computer Science congratulates its graduating students of 2012. We wished them “Good Bytes and Good Luck” with a graduation celebration catered by Austin’s own Amy’s Ice Cream. Read More
05/04/2012 - Every spring, the College of Natural Sciences celebrates its student-scientists at the Undergraduate Research Forum, a one-day event. More than 200 students present posters describing their research. The best and most innovative posters and presentations are recognized with awards judged and sponsored by the university, faculty, alumni, and industry. Read More
Research Corner: Computational Drug Discovery
04/30/2012 - Discoveries in bioinformatics provide new therapeutic interventions to disease by replacing expensive, time-consuming physical experiments with an automated computational search. Public databases now contain experimentally determined sequence and structural information for hundreds of thousands of proteins Read More
04/30/2012 - Research in computer science has shown a remarkable ability to change the world. Just consider some of the $1B industries that were spawned from basic research in computer science: Internet search, graphics and animation, relational databases, data mining, and speech recognition. Read More
04/30/2012 - UTCS is proud to announce that three of our students have been named Dean's Honored Graduate, an honor that is being given to only 20 of CNS's graduating students this year. Read More
Alumni Reconnect: Russ Gayle (BS 2003)
04/30/2012 - One of the challenges of working as a computer scientist and engineer at Sandia National Laboratories is to not be distracted by the breadth of innovative work that goes on. In any given week, I am exposed to topics and research in network and computer security, robotics, and exascale computing, to name a few. Read More
Friends of Computer Science
04/30/2012 - The Friends of Computer Science (FoCS) program at UTCS is fortunate to count many companies with world-class research programs as partners. FoCS partners Google, IBM, Microsoft, Sandia National Laboratories and Yahoo! are all on the forefront of technological innovation. Read More
The Empowering Leadership Alliance
04/30/2012 - The Empowering Leadership Alliance is a computer science student organization aimed at helping minorities gain a sense of what opportunities are available in various fields in technology. Read More
Capital Campaign Update: Taking Research to the Next Level
04/30/2012 - The Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex and Dell Computer Science Hall is under way with a projected completion date of winter 2012! The Gates Complex will be the first step in the department's plan to transform computing education and research in Texas. Read More
04/23/2012 - UT News Event: 1 Semester Startup's "Demo Day" featuring James Truchard, president and CEO of National Instruments When: Thursday, April 26, 5-9 p.m., open to the public Where: LBJ Auditorium at the LBJ Museum and Library, 2313 Red River St., University of Texas at Austin Read More
04/14/2012 - Current UTCS Ph.D. Student Suman Jana is the recipient of a Google Ph.D. Fellowship and received the Best Paper Award at the 2012 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. Read More
04/12/2012 - 2004 UTCS Ph.D. graduate Luay Nakhleh has been awarded a 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship. Read More
04/11/2012 - Computer scientist Tandy Warnow uses the supercomputers at TACC to help decipher the relationships between all living things on the planet. Read More
04/11/2012 - Tandy Warnow, David Bruton, Jr. Centennial Professor in Computer Science. Read More


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