Professors Etienne Vouga and Glenn Downing with UTPC student members Aaryan Prakash, Caleb Hu, Mark Wen in front of the Gates Dell Complex.
03/06/2023 - On Sat, 25 Feb 2023, the UT Programming Team competed in the ICPC South Central USA Regional Competition. As a result, one team will advance to the ICPC North America Division Championships on Mon, 29 May 2023.   Read More
Stacks of shipping containers side-by-side in various colors.
03/03/2023 - A methodology developed by UT professors will allow the cost of verifying computations to be reduced by batching many separate arguments together. Brent Waters, a computer science professor and a co-author of the paper, was inspired to find a more efficient way to verify computations by refining techniques that had already come out over a decade ago. Read More
UT Computer Science Assistant Professor Greg Durrett
02/17/2023 - ​The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation announced today the early-career researchers across the U.S. and Canada who are recipients of the 2023 Sloan Research Fellowship, including UT Computer Science Assistant Professor Greg Durrett. ​Based on a "candidate's research accomplishments, creativity, and potential to become a leader in their field," independent panels composed of senior scholars select 126 recipients every year out of more than a thousand who are nominated by fellow scientists. Read More
UT Computer Science Professor Risto Miikkulainen
02/16/2023 - The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) has selected Risto Miikkulainen as one of 11 fellows for 2023. Founded in 1990, AAAI's Fellows Program seeks to highlight the individuals who contribute greatly to the field of AI. Miikkulainen was honored for "significant contributions to neuroevolution techniques and applications." Read More
UT Computer Science Professor Keshav Pingali
02/06/2023 - The IEEE Computer Society has selected Keshav Pingali to receive the 2023 IEEE CS Charles Babbage Award for his "contributions to high-performance compilers and graph computing." At The University of Texas at Austin, Pingali is the W.A. "Tex" Moncrief Chair of Grid and Distributed Computing and a professor in the Department of Computer Science and core faculty in the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences. Read More
UT Computer Science Professor Scott Aaronson
02/01/2023 - UT Computer Science Professor Scott Aaronson is one of six faculty in The University of Texas at Austin, to be elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)— the world's largest general scientific society. His research interests center around the capabilities and limits of quantum computers, and computational complexity theory more generally. He has won numerous awards throughout his career, most recently the 2020 Association for Computing Machinery Prize for groundbreaking contributions to quantum computing. Read More
The University of Texas at Austin tower reflected in glass building
01/26/2023 - Delivered by the Department of Computer Science and Machine Learning Laboratory, the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) will be the first large-scale degree program of its kind and the only master’s degree program in AI from a top-ranked institution to be priced close to $10,000. The master’s degree covers about two years’ worth of course content, to be taken at the learner’s own pace, and master’s degree will be delivered in partnership with online course provider edX. Read More
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