Explore UT

Explore UT, a campus community engagement event held each March, aims to inform the public about the university's mission - teaching, research and public service. It invites Texans of all ages to experience the intellectual life, technological advances and rich resources of a world-class university. It helps them see how the university is shaping the future. 

Thousands of people explore the UTCS program at Explore UT, discovering the fun of computer science, engaging in artificial intelligence, software programming, gaming, graphics and visualization, and chatting with academic advisers.

Ongoing actvities (11:00 a.m.-4:40 p.m.):

  • RoboCup Teams in Action - Watch the UT Austin Villa robot soccer teams of Aldebaran Nao Humanoid Robots in action.
  • Game Development with the Electronic Game Developer's Society (EGaDS!) - Play student developed games and earn what it takes to create one yourself.
  • Tool Time with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)- Learn about the evolution of the inside of the PC.
  • Game Table with Empowering Leadership Alliance (ELA) - Play logic games and discover how the logic at the core of the games relates to computer science.
  • Name the "Tower" Robot - Color the "Tower" robot and join the competition for the most clever robot name.
  • Project Illuminate - See how Arduino open-source circuit lighting boards can be used to control programmable color changing lights.
  • Computer Intelligence in Games - Experience new game genres enabled by real-time learning techniques such as neuro-evolution. See how game platforms can be used for artificial intelligence research.
  • Face Painting with Women in Computer Science (WICS)
  • Explore "Landmarks" Public Art: Circle with Towers
  • Free popcorn!


  • Exploring Computer Science, presented by the UTCS Roadshow (11:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.) - Learn about the exciting field of computing, students share their experiences and give an overview of the field.
  • Human Behavior in Virtual Environments, presented by Professor Dana Ballard (11:00 a.m.) - Take a guided virtual tour of human behavior, and see how virtual reality can be an effective tool to explore the process of how humans made decisions.
  • Cutting Edge Concepts, presented by the UTCS Roadshow (11:00 a.m.) - You won't find any rare antiques but you will discover the treasures found in cutting edge computer science.
  • Women in Computer Science: The Interest and the Experience, presented by Women in Computer Science (WICS) (1:00 p.m.) - Students share their experiences studying computer science at UT and inspired them to choose the field for their major.
  • What It's Like to be Major in Computer Science, presented by the UTCS Undergraduate Advising Office (2:00 p.m.) - An opportunity for prospective students to learn about majoring in computer science.