Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to stay connected with UT Computer Science, fellow alumni, current students and your community!

Hour of Code

Each December for Computer Science Education Week, UTCS students, faculty, staff and alumni participate in Hour of Code, an initiative from to bring computer science to students through one-hour programming tutorials and activities. In 2015, UTCS volunteers reached 2,300 Austin students at a variety of ages and skill levels. Donate your time to teach or assist at this annual event and help UTCS promote computer science and show the next generation of students the joy of programming. Learn more by emailing

Connect with Fellow Alumni

Email Forwarding

We offer lifetime email forwarding (XXX service for UTCS graduates. The service is a forwarding service only and does not provide mailbox service or a shell account or associated storage. Email forwarding terms of service.

To set up a new address, send email to with:

  • your name,
  • date of birth and UT-EID*
  • degree and year of graduation
  • desired address,
  • and the address your mail should be forwarded to.

We will need to manually verify your graduation information against the Registrar's records which occurs about two - four weeks after the end of each semester (summer graduation info in September, winter info in mid January, and spring info in early June).  We appreciate your patience during the verification process.

To change your forwarding address, send email to with the same information above and the new address receiving your mail.

Alumni Links

UTCS graduates can post a personal web page link after we verify you against the Registrar's alumni roster. To request this service, send email including:

  • your name,
  • degree and year of graduation,
  • date of birth and UT-EID*,
  • and desired URL (http: or mailto:)


*If you do not have your UT EID, please contact the UT Registrar's Help Desk at 512/475.7656. Please do not create a new EID as we can only authenticate against official University degree information.

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