You can find great resources on why to study computing and career paths within computing on the Association for Computing Machinery website.


Internships give students a chance to put their UTCS educations to the test in real world situations, sometimes created just for them. Many students take advantage of these opportunities to make valuable industry connections, earn enough money to pay their tuition and pick up in-demand job training that isn't available through college courses. You can do an internship in the summer or during the fall or spring semester.

The Natural Sciences Career Design Center is the place to start looking for an internship.


CS students are eligible to apply for a wide variety of on-campus jobs. Check the individual descriptions below for more information, including how to apply.

Work Study

UT's Office of Student Financial Services offers work/study opportunities on campus.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Many of the research projects in the department employ undergraduate students as part of the research team. See our undergraduate research page for more information on how to get involved in research.

CS Proctors

CS Proctors are undergraduate assistants who provide classroom support to faculty with such duties as grading, holding lab hours, and preparing course materials. Proctoring a course provides students with hourly pay, and the opportunity to really learn CS course material outside the typical classroom experience. Proctors get paid to share their knowledge with other students.

Honors Colloquium Mentors

UT's Annual Honors Colloquium occurs each Summer. This annual event brings several hundred talented high school students to our campus each July. Each spring we seek UT students who would be strong candidates for the position of student mentor. Application information for the Annual Honors Colloquium will be available in the Spring.

Orientation Advisors

Would you like a chance to stay in Austin for the summer? Then perhaps you'd like to be an Orientation Advisor for freshman orientation. The deadline to apply is in November.

Texas Interdisciplinary Plan (TIP) Peer Mentors

The TIP program provides small learning environments for about 900 incoming students each year. Sophomores, juniors and seniors serve as peer mentors to the new students.