Who should apply?

We're looking for highly motivated students with strong math and science backgrounds. A demonstrated interest in computer science through classes or personal projects is a plus, and evidence of leadership as exhibited by significant extracurricular involvement helps as well.

The program is open to the following groups of students:

  • Freshmen
  • Transfer students
  • Current UT students

Outstanding students with weak or nonexistent high school CS backgrounds are still encouraged to apply for the Turing Scholars Honors Program; if accepted, they will be expected to complete one CS class at UT or some other college before starting the full Turing Scholars curriculum.


How do I apply?

Most students enter the Turing Scholars Honors Program by applying as high school students in parallel with their application to UT Austin. However, we also welcome applications from current entry-level UT CS students and transfer students from other colleges.


Honors Housing

Incoming Turing Scholars are eligible to apply for the honors dorms, which house students from UT's various honors programs. Interested students should apply to on-campus housing after they submit their UT application. Each Spring, the department forwards a list of accepted Turing Scholars to the housing office. Once Housing has received and processed the list, students may request space in the Honors Dorms through the housing portal.

It is strongly encouraged that students stay in the honors dorms their first year - there is typically enough space in the honors dorms to accommodate all Turing Scholars students who apply for housing early.


Turing Scholars/BHP Partnership

The Turing Scholars Program is excited to announce a new partnership with the McCombs School of Business Honors Program, the honors program for outstanding Business undergraduates at UT Austin.

A very small group of elite students who are interested in dual honors majors of Computer Science and Business will be admitted under the joint BHP/Turing partnership. These students will be challenged through rigorous coursework in both areas of study. Students with incoming credit for calculus, economics, and other core curriculum coursework could feasibly complete both programs in four years. Students with fewer credits should expect to spend more than four years completing these two challenging degree plans, depending on whether they choose to undertake summer coursework.

To apply to both programs, select both a first and second choice major in Computer Science and Business on the ApplyTexas application (first choice major should be the one you are most interested in), and check both the Turing Scholars Program and BHP boxes on the UT Online Honors Application. If you are not admitted to either program, you will still be considered for general admission to UT Austin, with foremost consideration given to the major you identify as your first choice.


Current UT Students

If you are interested in joining the Turing Scholars Honors Program and have excelled in your current CS and math courses at UT, please consider the following options:

Join the Turing Scholars program

Current entry-level CS majors may apply for admission to the Turing Scholars Honors Program by submitting this online application, and then emailing a resume to the address on the online application. Applications will be accepted beginning April 25 through May 7 for students wanting to begin the program in Fall 2018.  Successful applicants will be placed in honors courses as appropriate for their background.

Enroll in individual honors courses

Our CS honors courses typically have a limited number of spaces available for non-Turing Scholars.  Any strong student is welcome to apply for enrollment.

You may fill out a request for each CS honors course that you wish to take.  Separate requests are needed because the forms are evaluated by the individual faculty members who teach the course. In some cases, faculty may ask you to also make an appointment for a brief interview.

If you are selected for enrollment in a CS honors course, the CS Advising Center will add you to the course and email you (you need not be present for the add).

Students interested in applying for the Turing Scholars Honors Program are particularly encouraged to apply for individual CS honors courses.  These courses not only allow you to explore the Turing Scholars program, but a strong performance in these classes greatly enhances your chances of being admitted to the Turing Scholars Program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some questions often asked by students interested in the program.