Traveling to UTCS

We are happy to organize information sessions for high school groups visiting campus, and we are happy to visit high schools when possible. Please contact the Recruiting and Admissions Coordinator for more information.

Also, please consider scheduling a tour of the UT Computer Science department as well as a class visit and advisor visit through our CS Ambassador Program.

Turing Scholars Honors Program
Department of Computer Science
The University of Texas at Austin
2317 Speedway, Stop D9500
Austin, TX 78712

Director, Turing Scholars Honors Program, Professor of Computer Science
Calvin Lin
GDC 5.512

Recruiting and Admission Coordinator
Alejandra Bernal
GDC 2.718

(512) 471-9563



Academic Advisor
Doug Roberts
GDC 2.714
(512) 471-9509