Mickey Ristroph

Mickey Ristroph is a co-founder and CEO of Mutual Mobile. He guides Mutual Mobile’s research and development efforts for next-generation tools and platforms. He consults on the strategic direction of the company and has been the driving force behind Mutual Mobile’s ability to extend both the technological and market impact of the mobile platform.

Before founding Mutual Mobile, Mickey wrote software for a global data mining initiative by the Department of Defense, designed the infrastructure and reporting tools for automated high frequency financial trading systems, and performed computational research in bioinformatics. Mickey co-founded AccessAble Systems, LLC, for which he won the Dell Social Innovation Challenge, and made it to the finals of the DARPA Grand Challenge for his work on autonomous vehicles. He has also designed multiple games and utilities for the iPhone, including the successful telephony app SparkPhone.

At Mutual Mobile, Mickey advises clients on enterprise mobility and leads the consulting team to devise both short- and long-term strategies for every customer’s mobile initiatives. His intimacy with financial services and Big Data has enabled him to deploy secure, highly scalable mobile solutions for such organizations as Cisco and BancVue.