No. It is beneficial though not required. Work experience is considered. The following UTCS undergraduate courses, or equivalent, are required as background which can be satisfied after admission to the program.  They are not prerequisites for admission.

Discrete Math for Computer Science (CS 311)
Introduction to Programming (CS 312)
Data Structures (CS 314)
Algorithms and Complexity (CS 331)
Computer Organization and Architecture (CS 429)
Principles of Computer Systems (CS 439)

Scoring 90% or higher on the Computer Science Subject Test given by ETS also will satisfy the background requirements; however, the CS subject test was last given April 2013 and is no longer be offered by ETS.  If you took it then ETS will report the scores through Spring 2018. Graduate level courses may not be used to satisfy background requirements. Please see the undergraduate course descriptions for more information.

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