Rajat Shroff is the Vice President and Head of Product Management and Design at DoorDash, where he oversees the product design, product management and product operations teams. He is responsible for leading the product development efforts tomake DoorDash a daily utility for consumers, a trusted partner for merchants, and a flexible source of reliable income for Dashers. Rajat is passionate about building products at the intersection of commerce, experiences, and data, and has built both advertiser-facing and retailer products responsible for driving large amounts of customer engagement and value.

Prior to joining DoorDash, Rajat was the Vice President and Head of Product at Groupon. Before Groupon, Rajat was Vice President and Head of Product and Design at Valassis—acquired for $2 billion—where he was responsible for building products that helped local merchants and consumer brands identify and drive shoppers to stores. Prior to that, Rajat has held leadership roles in product development at multiple startups, including Buysight, a self-service eCommerce advertising system that was acquired by AOL to power their performance ad initiatives, and Rhythm NewMedia, a leader in mobile video advertising that was acquired by Blinkx. Early in his career, Rajat was a leader of the engineering team at Oracle building the Application Server product. Rajat holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.