Computer Science Summer Academies

  • Application-Based

    Our application-based academies are free programs focused on increasing diversity and inclusion in STEM for young women in high school and students from historically underrepresented populations.


    Our tuition-based academies are fee enabled academies are for high school students looking to focus on a specific area of computer science.

K-12 Outreach

  • Coding in the Classroom

    Coding in the Classroom is an outreach initiative that sends members of the UTCS community to local schools to teach coding and introduce computer science to a diverse group of students in a team environment.

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  • Code Orange

    Code Orange is a free mentorship program that pairs elementary and middle students with students in college for mentorship and hosts community events at recreation centers around Austin.

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  • Roadshow

    The CS Roadshow is a team of UT Computer Science students who visit local K-12 classrooms giving presentations on what computer science is, why computer science is important, and how they can prepare for a career within this field.

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