Anders Miltner

Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Anders Miltner is very interested in how program synthesis can change how programmers interact with computers. He believes tools can automate many programming tasks, allowing programmers to spend less time on tedious aspects of code, and more time on implementing core algorithms. His core goal as a programming languages researcher is to make programming more productive and programs more reliable through a combination of language design, program analysis, logic, and theorem proving.


Research Interests: 

Dr. Miltner is interested in developing novel program synthesis techniques, and finding new problems that program synthesis can solve. He is interested in applying his work to Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

Select Publications

A Miltner, AT Nuñez, A Brendel, S Chaudhuri, I Dillig. 2021. Bottom-up Synthesis of Recursive Functional Programs using Angelic Execution.
Automatic repetition of context-specific code edits. 2021. Sumit Gulwani, Arjun Radhakrishna, Abhishek Udupa, Gustavo ARAUJO SOARES, Vu Minh Le, Anders Miltner, Mark A Wilson-thomas.
A Miltner, K Fisher, BC Pierce, D Walker, S Zdancewic. 2020. Confluence in Lens Synthesis.
A Miltner, S Padhi, T Millstein, D Walker. 2020. Data-driven inference of representation invariants.
AF Miltner. 2020. Synthesizing Lenses.

Awards & Honors

2020 - PLDI Distinguished Paper Award
2019 - ACM SIGPLAN PAC Award
2018 - ACM SIGPLAN PAC Award
2017 - First Place ICFP Student Research Competition
2017 - ACM SIGPLAN PAC award