Calvin Smith

Postdoctoral Researcher
Calvin Smith is a post-doc in UT Austin's Trishul lab working on problems in the intersection of probabilistic programming, logic, and machine learning.


Research Areas:

Select Publications

J. Huang C. Smith O. Bastani R. Singh A. Albarghouthi M. Naik. 2020. Generating Programmatic Referring Expressions via Program Synthesis.
C. Smith A. Albarghouthi. 2019. Synthesizing Differentially Private Programs.
C. Smith A. Albarghouthi. 2019. Program Synthesis with Equivalence Reduction.
C. Smith J. Hsu A. Albarghouthi. 2019. Trace Abstraction Modulo Probability.
A. Albarghouthi P. Koutris M. Naik C. Smith. 2017. Constraint-Based Synthesis of Datalog Programs.