Cem Tutum

Research Scientist
Dr. Tutum is a Research Scientist at the Department of Computer Science, UT-Austin. He started working on two projects as part of DARPA’s Lifelong Learning Machines (L2M)program (June'18): Context-dependent reconfiguration of an intelligent neural system, STELLAR (Super Turing Evolving Lifelong Learning ARchitecture). He is a mechanical engineer by training (B.Sc. in System Dynamics and Control, M.Sc. in Solid Mechanics and Ph.D. in Manufacturing Engineering), but optimization and its applications in various disciplines have always been in the center of his research interests.


Research Interests: 
  • Nonlinear, Constrained, Multidisciplinary (Design) Optimization
  • Multi-objective Optimization
  • Bayesian Optimization
  • Machine / Deep Learning
  • Multi-physics simulations
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Process Simulations and Optimization
Research Labs & Affiliations: 

Neural Networks

Select Publications

Cem C Tutum, Supawit Chockchowwat, Etienne Vouga, Risto Miikkulainen. July 2 2018. Functional generative design: an evolutionary approach to 3D-printing. ACM. 1379-1386.
Eric A Yu, Jin Yeom, Cem C Tutum, Etienne Vouga, Risto Miikkulainen. July 1 2007. Evolutionary decomposition for 3D printing. ACM. 1272 - 1279.
Cem C Tutum, Shaayaan Sayed, Risto Miikkulainen. July 24 2016. Surrogate-based evolutionary optimization for friction stir welding. IEEE. 387-394.
Ismet Baran, Cem C Tutum, Jesper H Hattel. January 1 2016. Probabilistic analysis of a thermosetting pultrusion process. Science and engineering of composite materials. 67 - 76.
Ismet Baran, Cem C Tutum, Jesper H Hattel, Remko Akkerman. July 1 2015. Pultrusion of a vertical axis wind turbine blade part-I: 3D thermo-chemical process simulation. Springer Paris. 379 - 389.