Chunhao Wang

Postdoctoral Researcher
Chunhao Wang’s research primarily focuses on the connection between physical systems and computation. Wang is particularly interested in quantum algorithms related to simulating physical systems as well as their implications to classical algorithms.


Research Interests: 
  • Quantum algorithms
Research Labs & Affiliations: 

Quantum Information Center


Select Publications

Nai-Hui Chia, Tongyang Li, Han-Hsuan Lin, Chunhao Wang. 10 January 2019. Quantum-inspired classical sublinear-time algorithm for solving low-rank semidefinite programming via sampling approaches. arXiv.
Nai-Hui Chia, Han-Hsuan Lin, Chunhao Wang. 12 November 2018. Quantum-inspired sublinear classical algorithms for solving low-rank linear systems. arXiv.
Chunhao Wang, Leonard Wossnig. 22 March 2018. A quantum algorithm for simulating non-sparse Hamiltonians. arXiv.
Richard Cleve, Chunhao Wang. 30 December 2016. Efficient quantum algorithms for simulating Lindblad evolution. arXiv.
Richard Cleve, Debbie Leung, Li Liu, Chunhao Wang. 19 January 2015. Near-linear constructions of exact unitary 2-designs. arXiv.