The Systems Research Consortium (SRC) is a new initiative from the Department of Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin that seeks to forge a close relationship between university, faculty and graduate students in systems-related fields and our natural partners in industry. Due to fundamental technological advances, systems research will be a huge growth area over the coming years, both academically and economically and will play an increasingly critical role in pushing the computing field forward. The Systems Research Consortium seeks to capitalize on that growth by creating an exchange in which affiliate partners benefit from access to cutting edge knowledge and top talent while the university gains a clearer understanding of the practical challenges confronting industry.


Computing applications continue to evolve. Systems research focuses on advancing the core of computing technologies in order to support and greatly advance a wide variety of industries and application areas. UT’s Systems Research Consortium faculty and students manage several labs and conduct world-class systems research in the areas outlined below:

  • Data centers: Architecture, network and server infrastructure, energy-efficiency.
  • Architecture: Heterogeneity, accelerators, FPGA and GPGPU architecture.
  • Operating systems: Concurrency control, storage systems, virtualization, transactions, crash-consistency.
  • Secure systems: Mandatory access control, information flowm, secure cloud computing.
  • Distributed systems: Replicated state machines, fault tolerance, failure detectors.
  • Communication networks: Network architecture, network measurement, management, and security; Network protocol design; Network applications and services.