Acknowledgement of sponsorship on SRC website, on all SRC promotional materials, and at all affiliated events. Two attendee registrations to the Texas Systems Research Symposium. X X X
Recruit highly qualified students for co-ops, internships and permanent positions through SRC dissemination of career and internship opportunities relevant to studies as provided by SRC affiliates. X X X
One affiliate hosted technical talk or other facilitated on-campus event to interested students promoted by the SRC and relevant academic departments.    X X
Opportunity for increased engagement with students through classroom interaction, such as guest lectures, projects, and/or mentorship in systems-related courses. X X X
Two invitations to the Symposium VIP dinner and networking event. Invitation to attend systems-related talks and lectures conducted through relevant university speaker series.  X X X
Work on campus with SRC faculty, staff, and students for periodic consultation to learn about the most advanced technologies. Access to live demos and lab tours and engage in tailored one-on-one research discussions with consortium faculty.  X X X
Access to SRC resume book and to approved university facilities for on-campus interviews in conjunction with the Texas Systems Research Symposium and other recruiting events.  X X X
Enhanced access to consulting through SRC contacts. Additional opportunities for faculty engagement in research collaborations, including use of affiliate equipment in on-campus research.    X X
An annual visit at mutually agreeable dates and locations to industrial affiliate sponsor company from SRC faculty to present the latest research results from the SRC labs.   X X
Ability to submit a nominee for Research Associate: Research Fellow or Visiting Researcher/Scholar. Visiting lecturers and researchers may participate in in-class lecture series, student theses committees, and join in research with SRC faculty and students (subject to university guidelines).      X