Congrats to Jacob for PhD acceptances!

Congratulations to Jacob Van Geffen for getting accepted into MIT, Carnegie Mellon, University of Washington, UT Austin, Stanford, and UC San Diego for PhD! Jacob is a senior Turing Scholar and has been doing research with Dr. Işıl Dillig on Programming Language Synthesis since his freshman year. He is one of the few undergrads who has ever published a paper to the Programming Language Design and Implementation Conference.

S’more Social


Over the past weekend, Harsh Goyal, David Gros, and Akshay Gupta organized a s’more social in the courtyard of the honors quad dormitory. People were able to make their own s’more from marshmallow and chocolate, and cookie and heat it up in a live coal fire. We had a great turnout with over 40 Turing Scholars showing up. What a fun way to destress and socialize!

Congrats to Sam for PhD acceptances!

Sam Miller

Congratulations to our very own Samantha Miller for getting accepted into CMU, UMich, University of Washington, Cornell and UT for PhD! Sam is a 4th year Turing Scholar and currently doing systems research with Dr. Simon Peter. She is currently working on network optimizations for MapReduce. She is excited to work on Operating Systems/Distributed Systems for her PhD in the future!

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