Can I be in the Turing Scholars Honors Program and also be in one of the other Honors programs at UT, such as Dean's Scholars or Plan II?

Yes.  You are free to apply to as many Honors programs as fit your needs.  We have many students who are participating in two honors programs and have even had a few participate in three.

Can I double major in CS and some other major if I join the Turing Scholars Honors Program?

Yes.  We have students who are double-majoring in CS and other majors including Chemistry, Biology, Business, Math, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Plan II.

Can I apply to the Turing Scholars Honors Program if I have not taken any CS classes in high school?

Yes.  We have multiple entry points into our honors curriculum.

Can I apply to the Turing Scholars Honors Program if I have already taken so many CS classes that I can expect to place out of the freshman sequence?

Yes.  If you would normally place out of the first class, CS 312, you'll fit perfectly into the Turing Scholars CS 314H class.  If you have transfer credit for the first two programming courses, CS 312 and CS 314, you might still benefit from taking CS 314H or you may decide to skip the programming course your first semester.  It will be extremely rare for a student coming in from high school to place out of our honors theory sequence.

If I am admitted to the Turing Scholars Honors Program, will I be an entry-level CS major or a CS major?  Will I have to apply for admission to the CS major after I have been at UT for a year?

If you are accepted into the program, you will be admitted directly into the CS major.  However, you must apply to UT as an entry-level CS major, and once accepted we will change your major code to CS.

If I am a Turing Scholars student, must I take all of the honors classes?

No.  If you are admitted to the Turing Scholars Honors Program as a freshman, you will be expected to take the special sections of the freshman classes and the special sophomore Turing Scholars classes.  After that, you may take whatever sections you choose.  However, there is a minimum number of honors classes that you must complete in order to graduate as a Turing Scholar in Computer Sciences.

How many students are enrolled in the Turing Scholars Honors Program?

As of Spring 2014, there are about 150 total students in the Turing Scholars program.