The CS advisors are happy to help you during registration, but it is important that you've taken steps to plan and be ready for each registration period. Please take a moment to review the steps to being prepared and look at our registration updates.

Before Registration:

  • Fill out any necessary forms - please notice the deadlines associated
  • Check for any bars on your account.
    • to clear an advising bar, please plan to attend a Registration Information Session (info below)
    • to clear a Dean of Students E Bar, please update your student emergency information
  • Check your SANs (see below in the lingo) for important information from the CS Advising Center!
  • See an academic advisor to clear an advising bar.
    • You can see advising bars on your Registration Information Sheet (RIS). PLEASE BE AWARE that advising bars do not show up until the course schedule is posted. If you are trying to check before the schedule is posted, the information may not be accurate.
  • Back-ups, back-ups, back-ups. Make sure you plan for back-up courses in your schedule and USE THE WAIT LISTS!
  • Know the lingo:
    • Advising Bars - Only entry-level students and students who are on scholastic probation receive advising bars, and must meet with an advisor in person before they can register for classes. CS majors who have been promoted from entry-level and who are in good academic standing do not receive advising bars and are not required to see an advisor before registration.
    • SANs - Secure Academic Notes. These SANs are sent to the official email address that you have on file. If you are not receiving these emails, you are responsible for making sure that you update your email address online.You should check your spam folder as well.

During Registration:

  • Check back for any important updates about registration from the CS Advising Center
  • Select alternate classes, if the classes you want are full!
  • Use the wait lists!! Our department uses the wait lists to see if we need to increase the size of a class (if possible) so it's incredibly important that you add yourself if you're interested. 
    • Also, SET YOUR SWAP CLASS! Make sure that you don't have any time conflicts in your schedule with the class you're wait listing for, otherwise the system will just skip you and we can't add you.
  • Don't panic! Your schedule will probably not be perfect during your first registration time, but do your best! Things tend to settle in your schedule around add-drops. As long as you have the number of hours you need and classes on your schedule, you're going in the right direction.

After Registration:

  • PAY TUITION! Don't forget to pay tuition or confirm that you are paying with Financial Aid! Otherwise you'll be dropped from all your classes!
  • Make an appointment with your advisor to go over your 4-year degree plan! It will make future registrations go smoothly and will keep you on track to graduate!
  • Check your Registration Information Sheet for add-drop times, if necessary.