INFOSEC Certificate in Information Security

The INFOSEC (INFOrmation SECurity) Certificate program is for undergraduate computer science students who want to intensively study cybersecurity and privacy. The Certificate is awarded to students who complete the required courses, with grades of C- or better, and graduate with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.

The INFOSEC certificate entails the completion of the following requirements:

In addition, one of the classes from the following list:

  • CS 361C Information Assurance and Security
  • CS 378 Real World Information Security
  • CS 378 Information Security Capstone

The Department of Computer Science is authorized to award the INFOSEC Professional Certificate by the Committee on National Security Systems, which is managed by the National Information Assurance Education and Training Program Office within the Information Directorate of the National Security Agency.  After completing the required classes, a student may apply for the INFOSEC Professional Certificate by filling out the INFOSEC certification request. The form must be brought to the CS Advising Center for submission.

Graduates who earn the Certificate commonly receive starting-salary bumps of $10,000/year from government labs and agencies concerned with cybersecurity.

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