354 Computer Graphics

Undergraduate Program

Introduction to techniques for human-machine communication through imagery. Topics include display hardware, transformations, interactive techniques, geometric modeling, two- and three-dimensional display algorithms, graphics software systems architecture, and hidden-line and surface elimination. Projects are assigned and in-depth exploration is encouraged. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.


The following coursework with a grade of at least C-: C S 311 or 311H or 313K or 313H, 314 or 314H or 315 or 315H, 331 or 331H or 341 or 341H or 357 or 357H, 310 or 310H or 429 or 429H; C S 105 (Topic: Computer Programming: C++), or 371P or 373 or 378 (Topic: Generic Programming in the STL); M 408D, 408M, or 427L-AP; and M 340L or SSC 329C.