Are you a new computer science student, joining the department's undergraduate program? If so, the information below is meant for you!

There are a few tutorials available that will help during your time at The University of Texas as well as in your computer science courses. We are currently recommending you investigate two topics: programming and time management. Please take some time to read through the information provided here, and work through the materials you'll find at the links. 

Practice Your Programming

Does "practice make perfect"? Yes it does, especially when it comes to programming. Regardless of your background in programming (and regardless of whether you took computer science in high school) we recommend you spend some time this summer with programming.

Code Year teaches programming in JavaScript, through a year-long series of tutorials and projects. You can work through the materials that have been made available this year by clicking on the "All Courses" link. You can also submit your email address to have new materials emailed to you each Monday.

Build Your Time Management Skills

While it seems like you'll have lots of time in college to fit in your studies, interests, relationships, work, and career preparation, most students have to improve their time management skills to get everything done and done well. We recommend you take some time this summer to learn about how to better manage your time as you prepare for the next step in your education.

A Guide for Time Management, from the University of Guelph, provides a detailed process for planning and managing your time during college.  We recommend you work through all four sections of the tutorial (Before You Begin, Planning Your Time, Staying on Track, and Controlling Procrastination). But, as you'll be a UTCS student, we recommend you supplement the tutorial with materials from the University of Texas Sanger Learning Center.

Get Organized and Manage Your Time with help from The University of Texas' Sanger Learning Center. Print out and try out the materials available from the Center that will help you to determine your priorities, set personal goals, plan and manage your time, and develop effective study habits.