RoboCup 2004

Legged League Games

Overall place: quarterfinalist (full official results (pdf))

Austin Villa vs.Les 3 Mousquetaires
Score: 10-0.
Austin Villa vs. ARAIBO
Score: 6-0.
Austin Villa vs. UPennalizers
Score: 3-3.
Austin Villa vs. UChile 1
Score: 10-0.
Austin Villa vs. Nubots (quarterfinal match)
Score: 5-6.

Synopsis: In the quarterfinal, we scored first twice to go up 2-0. But by halftime, we were down 4-2. In the 2nd half, we came back to tie 4-4, then went down 5-4, then tied again. With 2 minutes left they scored again to make it 6-5, which is how it ended. Exciting!

Nubots was the eventual 3rd place team, so we feel quite good about the result.

Video highlights of the legged league events can be found here.

Simulation League Coach

Overall place: unranked (full official results (pdf))

Austin Villa vs. RaiC2004
Scores: 0-4, 0-11, 0-9.
Austin Villa vs. hana
Scores: 0-3, 0-7, 0-4.
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