Building a Dedicated Robotic Soccer System (1996)
Sorin Achim, Peter Stone, and Manuela Veloso
Robotic Soccer involves multiple agents that need to collaborate in an adversarial environment to achieve specific objectives. We have been building an architecture that addresses this integration of high-level and low-level reasoning as a combined system of mini-robots, a camera for perception, a centralized interface computer, and several client servers as the minds of the mini-robot players. In this paper we focus on the hardware design of our mini-robots. Our main purpose is to provide a detailed description of our design decisions so that others may learn from and replicate our efforts. Communication between the interface computer and the mini-robots is achieved through coded infrared radiation. The mini-robots can turn on the spot and move forward and backward with variable speed. Our design also allows a well-balanced use of the on-board power and current supplies.
In Proceedings of the IROS-96 Workshop on RoboCup, pp. 41-48, Osaka, Japan, November 1996.

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