Dmitry Kit
Ph.D. Alumni
I am currently studying some of the mechanisms involved in active visual system. In particular, I would like to discover how humans can cope with the amount of information that exists in the environment. It is my belief that the visual system first filters out all non-relevant or familiar information from the data stream. To test this hypothesis we are experimenting with people in virtual reality environment and measure human behavior when familiar portions of this environment is changed (while not being observed). These experiments will give us insight into the nature of the internal representations and inspire new computational models.
Using visuo-spatial memory for novelty detection 2011
Dmitry Kit, Brian Sullivan and Dana Ballard, Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (2011).
PRISM: Precision-aware Aggregation for Scalable Monitoring 2006
Navendu Jain, Dmitry Kit, Prince Mahajan, Praveen Yalagandula, Mike Dahlin, and Yin Zhang, Technical Report, University of Texas at Austin.
Formerly affiliated with Embodied Cognition Lab