UT Austin Villa 2012: Standard Platform League World Champions (2013)
In 2012, UT Austin Villa claimed Standard Platform League championships at both the US Open and RoboCup 2012 in Mexico City. This paper describes the key contributions that led to the team's victories. First, UT Austin Villa's code base was developed on a solid foundation with a flexible architecture that enables easy testing and debugging of code. Next, the vision code was updated this year to take advantage of the dual cameras and better processor of the new V4 Nao robots. To improve localization, a custom localization simulator allowed us to implement and test a full team solution to the challenge of both goals being the same color. The 2012 team made use of Northern Bites' port of B-Human's walk engine, combined with novel kicks from the walk. Finally, new behaviors and strategies take advantage of opportunities for the robot to take time to setup for a long kick, but kick very quickly when opponent robots are nearby. The combination of these contributions led to the team's victories in 2012.
In RoboCup-2012: Robot Soccer World Cup {XVI}, Xiaoping Chen and Peter Stone and Luis Enrique Sucar and Tijn Van der Zant (Eds.) 2013. Springer Verlag.

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