The UT Austin Villa 2003 Champion Simulator Coach: A Machine Learning Approach (2005)
Gregory Kuhlmann, Peter Stone, and Justin Lallinger
The UT Austin Villa 2003 simulated online soccer coach was a first time entry in the RoboCup Coach Competition. In developing the coach, the main research focus was placed on treating advice-giving as a machine learning problem. Competing against a field of mostly hand-coded coaches, the UT Austin Villa coach earned first place in the competition. In this paper, we present the multi-faceted learning strategy that our coach used and examine which aspects contributed most to the coach's success.
In RoboCup-2004: Robot Soccer World Cup VIII, Daniele Nardi and Martin Riedmiller and Claude Sammut (Eds.), Vol. 3276, pp. 636-644, Berlin 2005. Springer Verlag.

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