Matt MacMahon
Ph.D. Alumni
Integrating Multiple Representations of Spatial Knowledge for Mapping, Navigation, and Communication 2007
Patrick Beeson, Matt MacMahon, Joseph Modayil, Aniket Murarka, Benjamin Kuipers, and Brian Stankiewicz, In AAAI Spring Symposium Series, Interaction Challenges for Intelligent Assistants 2007. AAAI Technical Report SS-07-04.
Local metrical and global topological maps in the Hybrid Spatial Semantic Hierarchy 2004
Benjamin Kuipers, Joseph Modayil, Patrick Beeson, Matt MacMahon, and Francesco Savelli, In IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA-04) 2004.
Exploiting local perceptual models for topological map-building 2003
Patrick Beeson, Matt MacMahon, Joseph Modayil, Jefferson Provost, Francesco Savelli and Benjamin Kuipers, In IJCAI-2003 Workshop on Reasoning with Uncertainty in Robotics (RUR-03) 2003.
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