Kleo: A Bootstrapping Learning-by-reading System (2009)
Kleo is a bootstrapping learning-by-reading system that builds a knowledge base in a fully automated way by reading texts for a domain. Kleo’s initial knowledge base is a small knowledge base that consists of domain independent knowledge and KLEO expands the knowledge base with the information extracted from texts. A key facility in Kleo is knowledge integration which combines new information gleaned from individual sentences of the texts, along with prior knowledge, to form a comprehensive and computationally useful knowledge base. This paper introduces the architecture of Kleo, especially the knowledge integration facility, and presents our evaluation plan.
In AAAI Spring Symposium on Learning by Reading and Learning to Read 2009.

Doo Soon Kim Ph.D. Alumni onue5 [at] cs utexas edu
Bruce Porter Faculty porter [at] cs utexas edu