Brian T. Sullivan
Ph.D. Alumni
I am graduate student in the Psychology with Mary Hayhoe and Dana Ballard. I study human vision in natural tasks, computer vision and reinforcement learning models.
The role of uncertainty and reward on eye movements in a virtual driving task 2012
Brian Sullivan, Leif Johnson, Constantin Rothkopf, Mary Hayhoe and Dana Ballard, Journal of Vision, Vol. 12, 9 (2012).
A modular reinforcement learning model for human visuomotor behavior in a driving task 2011
Brian Sullivan, Leif Johnson, Dana Ballard and Mary Hayhoe, Proceedings of the AISB 2011 Symposium on Architectures for Active Vision. (2011), pp. 33-40.
Using visuo-spatial memory for novelty detection 2011
Dmitry Kit, Brian Sullivan and Dana Ballard, Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (2011).
Formerly affiliated with Embodied Cognition Lab