anthem: Transforming gringo Programs into First-Order Theories (Preliminary Report) (2018)
Vladimir Lifschitz, Patrick Lühne, Torsten Schaub
In a recent paper by Harrison et al., the concept of program completion is extended to a large class of programs in the input language of the ASP grounder gringo. We would like to automate the process of generating and simplifying completion formulas for programs in that language, because examining the output produced by this kind of software may help programmers to see more clearly what their program does and to what degree its set of stable models conforms with their intentions. If a formal specification for the program is available then it may be possible to use this software, in combination with automated reasoning tools, to verify that the program is correct. This note is a preliminary report on a project motivated by this idea.
In Working Notes of the Workshop on Answer Set Programming and Other Computing Paradigms 2018.

Vladimir Lifschitz Faculty vl [at] cs utexas edu